Start Your Airsoft Adventure With Only One Hundred Bucks [Updated]

Before asking if playing airsoft is indeed an expensive hobby, you have to know very well what you are dealing here with first. 

If you already know some things about shooting games, then you are most probably aware that you’ll definitely need an airsoft gun first and foremost. 

Your airsoft gun could be either an airsoft hand pistol or an airsoft rifle. 

What’s the most common choice?

Well, as many of you already know, most beginners start with the airsoft rifle. 

And I can’t blame them. Even I, as a beginner, wanted the real and rough action in my first game. 

But apparently, not all. 

Some new users opt to use their very first airsoft pistols, instead. 

Using an airsoft pistol teaches airsoft players who are just starting out ultimate patience and the basic skills you need to know which are also the building blocks of airsoft gaming.

Beginners are even learning how to make wise decisions under pressure, too!

There are a few types of airsoft guns and pistols. 

There’s the spring type which is manually operated or cocked before every single shot. These are the classic entry-level firearms for those who are still learning. 

Then there is the gas powered airsoft gun.

These airsoft guns are usually powered by CO2 or green gas and can be semi-automatic or fully automatic. 

Most airsoft weapons are also either made from durable plastic or real steel that looks like the real thing. Some are ready-made and some are hand assembled. 

Now, if you’re thinking of leveling up…

Then you can get airsoft rifles in many different types and models. 

You’ll also do well to remember to buy BBs save for the ones that come with your gun.

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