Best Guns For Airsoft: Definitive Guide 2022

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Best Guns For Airsoft

1. What are the different types of airsoft guns

Airsoft guns can be classified based on their working mechanism. Take a look.

Automatic electric guns (AEG)- This type of gun is powered by a motor which in turn is run by a battery. The motor operates a fixed set of gears that acts on the piston which triggers the firing mechanism. High-end AEGs come with plenty of features that make them a popular choice for advanced players. They are also designed to offer a good dose of realism.

Gas guns- These guns use the power of compressed gas for firing the BB. They can be operated by green gas or CO2 with a non-blowback design. There are also gas blowback guns that sacrifice a bit of power to deliver a recoil and add a touch of realism. However, you need to reload both gas canisters and BBs at regular intervals.

Springers- These old-fashioned guns are reliable performers and the first choice for beginners. The manual propulsion system is powered by a spring mechanism that offers less power than other types. However, some users love the realism offered by bolt action sniper rifles. They offer a consistent level of accuracy. 

2. Features to look out for

If you want to feel well-equipped to take on the enemies, you need to pick the right BB gun. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Picking a gun with a long-range is necessary when you want to hit the enemy from a safe distance. For that, an adjustable hop-up system is necessary that makes the BBs go straight for a longer distance.
  • While picking a powerful gun is the first thing that comes to mind, you shouldn’t overlook the accuracy levels. For beginners, a gun that can fire 0.20-gram and 0.25-gram BBs with reliable accuracy is good enough.
  • Keep in mind that guns with shorter barrels are good for close quarter combat. For long-distance shooting, you need a gun with a longer barrel. In case you’re not sure about the gaming environment, pick a standard length Airsoft Gun.
  • Make sure that the gun is durable enough for outdoor use. Cheaper products usually come with a plastic build quality that isn’t the most durable. Metal parts are definitely more durable. Also, pick guns that have a metal gearbox. They are more durable in the long run.
  • Keep in mind that spring powered guns aren’t much effective against players with high -end AEGs. However, spring-powered shotguns and sniper rifles are exceptions. But they are simple to use and more effective for close-quartered games. On the other hand, a gas-powered gun type is more expensive but offers better performance. Finally, the battery-operated AEGs are the best choices in terms of accuracy and reliability.

3. Product  and specifications explained

If you are a first-timer in the world of Airsoft sports, there are a few terms that you need to be familiar with. We have listed some of the most important ones.

Hop-Up: This is an assembly attached to the inner barrel of AEG devices and also in some gas-powered guns. When a BB passes through the chamber, the hop-up system adds more backspin to it. This adds to the distance of travel and improves accuracy.

Back Spin: Basically, backspin adds an upward thrust to the BB that helps it to move for longer distances. In other words, it increases the range. The basis of this is a phenomenon called Magnus effect. It creates a pressure difference that adds the necessary lift to the BB.

GBB: This is called gas blowback. Once the trigger is pulled, the bottled gas is released and it propels the BB. At the same time, the gas travels backward which simulates the feeling of recoil.

EBB: This is the short form for “Electric Blowback”. This is a process that’s similar to gas blowback. But instead of the expulsion of gas, there is a small mechanical system powered by the battery. This causes the recoil mechanism to work. 

Feet Per Second (FPS): This is the unit used to measure the velocity of the BBs. This is given as a part of the specification of the gun.

Field Gaming; This refers to large scale airsoft games that take place in forest areas or open fields. This involves skilled players and effective team play. In most cases, high-end guns that deliver more than 400 fps are used.

Weaver Rail: This is a standardized mounting system that can attach scopes and other accessories to a gun. The system consists of parallel rails and slots placed between them. Note, a few devices can also come with a Picatinny rail.

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles Top Tips 

Last but not the least, we have a list of top tips from our airsoft experts.

  • Make sure that you use proper safety standards while playing with airsoft guns. That includes using proper face protection to shield the eyes and ears.
  • AEGs and gas-powered guns require some amount of maintenance. To get the best performance follow the owner’s manual and go for the right maintenance.
  • While guns with metal bodies and components are more durable, they are also heavier. So if you’re looking for the best comfort levels, guns with high-quality plastic or ABS bodies can be a good option.
  • Before upgrading your newly-bought weapon, make sure that the upgrade adds the right value. If you’re a beginner make sure that you have developed your skills sufficiently before going for an upgrade

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